Brandix: a shining star for women’s empowerment

August 2023, Colombo: In a triumphant display of organisation leadership, Brandix shone brightly at the 2023 Women-Friendly Workplace Awards, securing the Most Outstanding Women-Friendly Workplace Award alongside nine other Sri Lankan organisations recently. This accolade, presented by the AICPA and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in collaboration with SATYN Magazine, is a testament to Brandix's unwavering commitment to gender equality and women's empowerment.

Brandix, Sri Lanka's leading exporter, is an inspiration for female empowerment, fostering an environment that champions wellness, professional growth, and inclusivity. 77% of Brandix employees in Sri Lanka consists of women, with women constituting 27% of top and critical talent. Furthermore, the company's leadership programs boast a robust 40% female participation, with a 17% female representation at Board Leadership level.

To ensure equitable opportunities, Brandix has instituted a comprehensive framework for advancement that includes annual training and awareness programs, cultivating highly skilled teams that thrive regardless of gender.

The Women-Friendly Workplace Awards is a singular initiative that gauges the well-being and progress of women in work environments. It aims to catalyze equality and equity that subsequently drives socio-economic development. The awards evaluate women-focused initiatives, including the encouragement of non-traditional roles, social support mechanisms, and anti-harassment policies and action. In these domains, Brandix stood out as an industry leader.

Nilangani De Silva, heading the Brandix Equity, Diversity and Inclusion council said: “At Brandix, we're committed to cultivating a respectful, safe, and inclusive culture where everyone has a voice. Our approach to diversity and inclusion is firmly embedded in our business strategy and extends to promoting work-life integration. We are deeply honored by this recognition, which serves as a springboard for us to further our commitment to empowering women across Sri Lanka.”

Brandix's commitment to inclusivity is supported in its comprehensive policies, including an Abuse and Harassment Free Workplace policy and a Speak-Up policy. The company also prioritizes providing supportive environments for women, such as childcare assistance, flexible work arrangements, and pay parity.

The awards programme scrutinized several criteria, including women-friendly policies, representation at all levels, remuneration, training and development, and the commitment to creating women-friendly workplaces. In each of these categories, Brandix demonstrated its resolute commitment to championing women in the workplace, marking significant strides in addressing women-centric issues.

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