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Brandix Apparel Solutions Limited - Intimate Apparel

BASL - Intimate manufactures fine lingerie, sleepwear, knit tops and loungewear chiefly from a fabric base of fleece knits and micro-satin. With design and development being one of the important focal points in the apparel industry, the Group has made considerable investments in this area and Brandix Intimate develops local design capabilities to service customer requirements and add value.

A dedicated design studio, buyer-recommended fit models and fashion forecasting help achieve customer satisfaction.

The company's capabilities of working with multiple fabrications and producing multiple styles has not only generated an impressive product portfolio but has resulted in extensive experience in handling and producing knit and micro-satin garments. A dedicated design studio, buyer-recommended fit models and fashion forecasting helps achieve customer satisfaction.

The cluster's offerings revolve around customer requirements; value propositions include small order quantities, high embellishment products and new designs. Customer-centric innovations extend to offers of faster turnaround times even for high embellishment garments that include printing, embroidery, washing, and dyeing.


Drawing upon the cluster's key differentiators of garment design capabilities, supply chain management, flexible manufacturing facilities and the Group's vertical solutions in knit fabrics, fabric printing and finishing capabilities, customers receive total solutions.   

Brandix Intimate Apparel

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