Brandix India Apparel City

Brandix India Apparel City

Our strategic focus on value-added vertical solutions is embodied in our 1000 acre world-class Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC). Located in the port city of Visakhapatnam (in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India), BIAC is a self-sustaining eco system bringing together world-class apparel supply chain partners to collaborate and co-create Inspired Solutions for branded apparel clothing.

This project was conceptualized to leverage India’s fast-growing economy and the nation’s economies of scale. The economic justification for conceiving BIAC doesn’t end there: procedural ease, financial and operational incentives, and BIAC’s duty-free status distils down into tangible cost-savings for the most demanding clients.

Combined with our domain expertise, BIAC is built to meet the needs of the global market place: speed to market, cost-effective, flexibility, and compliance-assurance.

BIAC offers a one-stop, industry-specific hub, creating a ‘plug-n-play’ production environment that is second to none. All apparel-manufacturing related requirements – sourcing, transportation, speedier documentation processing, and authorization from a single point – are therefore provided.

BIAC is also a mini-city comprising facilities such as banks, recreation and training centres, and social infrastructure that is in close proximity to airports and shipping ports.



Brandix India Apparel City’s (BIAC) Corporate Social Responsibility is centered around improving the quality of life of communities situated in and around its vicinity, empowering rural women and enhancing the overall sustainability of the BIAC Park ecosystem.

As such, the BIAC CSR initiatives include:

  • Eye Camps
  • Water Projects
  • Women’s Welfare Health Camps
  • School Improvement Projects


Eye Camps

Eye camps are held every first and third Sunday of every month where approximately 300 - 400 people are facilitated the opportunity to walk in to a Brandix Eye Camp for free screening of their eyes by the Shankar Foundation. Those with refraction errors are provided with correction glasses as per prescription, while those with cataract or other eye complications are taken to the base hospital and provided additional interventions. Brandix support includes sponsorship for setting up of the Eye Camps, transport (for medical personnel / patients for further investigations), correction glasses and surgeries.

Women’s Welfare Health Camps

With the aim of driving health and hygiene awareness for adolescent girls and women through camps, Brandix Health Camps are held every second and fourth Sunday of the month. These camps are attended to by a team inclusive of a Gynecologist / General Practitioner and a Nutritionist accompanied by a nurse and lab technician from Life Spring Maternity Hospital. Whilst the female doctor consults with the assistance of the nurse and lab technician, the Nutritionist provides the participants with nutritious snacks, made with locally available ingredients, as part of an awareness session on the nutrition value of these snacks.

Further, each Health camp would also feature Vizag Hospital and the Cancer Research Center (Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital), a ‘Cancer Bus’ where Cancer Screenings, Pap Smears, X-rays, Mammograms, Ultra Sounds and other related tests are conducted. These Health Camps are sponsored by BIAC and those who require branded generic medicine will receive it free of charge.


Water Projects

BIAC has built and handed over two water plants to Naandi Foundation located in Pudimadaka and Jalaripalem, where water is pumped by BIAC’s Water Treatment Plant free of any expense to the two facilities. Approximately between 1.5mn to 2.5mn liters of water is pumped to both plants every month. Additionally, BIAC also funds the maintenance of the water plant at Naandi Foundation.


School Improvement Projects

Based on the needs of the schools located in the vicinity of BIAC, schools are selected to receive infrastructure support such as drinking water facilities, washroom infrastructure including provision of running water, etc., to name a few. In 2017 / 2018, seven government-run schools were taken on as projects for infrastructure development.

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