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Brandix College to offer more RMIT degrees in Sri Lanka

July 2007

-- Opens up new opportunities for professional qualifications in fashion and merchandising --

The Brandix College of Clothing Technology (BCCT) is in negotiations with the School of Fashion and Textiles of the RMIT University, Australia (RMIT) to launch a second RMIT programme in Sri Lanka leading to a Degree in Fashion and Merchandising, the College announced this week.

This second degree course is expected to commence in November this year. The College is also negotiating to offer an MSc. Course of RMIT in Sri Lanka, possibly by July 2008, the College said.

BCCT currently offers a Degree programme in Textile Technology from RMIT University, in addition to the vocational training courses it offers to those working in the Brandix Group, Sri Lanka's largest apparel exporter. This degree course conducted in collaboration with the RMIT leads to a Bachelor of Applied Science degree and is a three year full time study course.

This three-year programme comprises of BCCT's two-year Diploma in Clothing Technology and Management and the final year courses of the RMIT degree, in a 2+1 arrangement that opens up opportunities for many prospective apparel sector employees, mid-career personnel as well as professionals associated with the sector.

Students who had already successfully completed the Brandix College two-year diploma, as well as qualified professionals such as Chartered Accountants or Chartered Marketers with five years of affiliation with the textile or clothing business only need to complete RMIT's final year courses to obtain the degree.

The Brandix College of Clothing Technology (BCCT) was established under the aegis of Board of Investment (BOI) in September 1996. Its objective is to impart skills and knowledge to all those who wish to embark on a clothing career and to those who are already employed in the clothing industry. The College started two major streams of training programmes, Industry Oriented Training for school leavers and Industry Based Training for people who are already employed. The Brandix College pioneered Enterprise Based Training (EBT) Centres in the clothing industry and these centres focused on enterprise training needs.

The Brandix College is the only accredited trainer for GSD in Sri Lanka. It conducts training for companies that have installed such software in their companies. The GSD is a highly proven work measurement tool used in the clothing industry

The Brandix College is the only accredited trainer for GSD in Sri Lanka. It conducts training for companies that have installed such software in their companies. The GSD is a highly proven work measurement tool used in the clothing industry.

The Brandix College has modern training equipment and its laboratories are fully equipped with the latest technology. The College plans to set up new weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing laboratories to strengthen the understanding of industry applications. Its sewing room and Computer Aided Design room are fully modernized with facilities that are conducive to learning. The College has a state of the art textile testing laboratory which has number of Buyer Accreditations including Marks and Spencer.

The College's teaching staff includes four PhDs, four Masters and 10 Bachelors Degree holders. The College draws experienced personnel from the industry for teaching, which is a unique situation for an academic institution. Students get an opportunity to understand how the industry operates through a combination of theory and practice. Most students get an opportunity to train at Brandix whilst studying at the College.

The College recently launched an e-learning programme on soft skills for middle management. The benefit of the programme is that it is easily accessible and can be run for newcomers as well as those who wish to refresh their learnings. The College is now experimenting to produce a similar programme to teach sewing machinery skills and pattern making.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology began in 1887 as the 'Working Men's College' in Melbourne. Today, some 57,000 students follow RMIT programmes at the institute's campuses in Melbourne and Vietnam, on-line, via distance education and at more than 100 partner institutions worldwide. RMIT alumni live and work in more than 100 countries.



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