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Brandix pays homage to inspiration at spectacular employee awards gala

Some of the award winners honoured at the 2017 Brandix ‘Rasadiya Mangalya’ receiving their awards from members of the senior management of Brandix Group companies

Tributes to inspiring workplace performances took centre stage recently when apparel sector employees from Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh came together in Colombo to be honoured by their employer Brandix at a spectacular awards presentation.

The annual Brandix ‘Rasadiya Mangalya’ (Mercury Festival) at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium and telecast live on PEO TV, saw Sri Lanka’s top exporter recognising 27 employees from Sri Lanka and 10 from overseas locations as Employees of the Year (EOYs) and eight others – five from Sri Lanka and three from overseas – as Supervisors of the Year (SOYs), for their contributions to the Group’s progress in 2016.

Each Employee of the Year and Supervisor of the Year received a handsome trophy of appreciation as well as a company-sponsored study tour to China, India or Bangladesh, and in Sri Lanka for those attached to the Group’s overseas plants.

The Group also rewarded mechanical excellence with Rs 2 million in cash prizes to three individual mechanics and their respective mechanic teams that won the first three places in the annual Brandix ‘Mech Challenge’ – a group-wide competition in mechanical proficiency.

Another element, at the seventh edition of the Rasadiya Mangalya, was the ‘Rasadiya Hiru’ (Mercury Sun) awards for best HR-related key performance indicators such as attendance and productivity, won by Brandix Fast Fashion - 2, Mirigama, Brandix Fast Fashion - 2, Avissawella and Brandix Fast Fashion - 1, Avissawella.

Welcoming approximately 5,000 Brandix associates, executives and senior management to the ceremony, Brandix Chief People Officer Ishan Dantanarayana said the Rasadiya Mangalya represents the Group’s philosophy of inclusive growth across business units in three countries as one family united in its commitment to ‘inspired solutions.’ The Rasadiya Mangalya is probably the single largest employee recognition event conducted by any enterprise in Sri Lanka and demonstrates Brandix’s appreciation the skills, talents, potential and passion of its nearly 50,000 associates, Mr Dantanarayana said.

Earlier in the day, the Brandix Rasadiya Mangalya saw the working out of the finals of the annual Brandix ‘Rasadiya Kusalanaya’ Volleyball tournament for non-executive staff. The evening was set aside for the colourful finals of three talent competitions that promote and recognise the non-work-related talents of Brandix associates in Sri Lanka – the ‘Rasadiya Gee Tharuwa’ (Singing Star), the ‘Rasadiya Narthana Tharu’ (Dancing Stars) and for the first time, the ‘Rasadiya Nivedana Tharu’ (Announcing Star).



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