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Brandix daredevil Nilantha does it again

October 2009

Nilantha during his precarious abseiling effort and inset: Nilantha speaking to the media after his record breaking attempt

Abseils 976 foot drop on Kotalagala Mountain in new record of 4 minutes and 36 seconds

A fascination for descending precarious slopes at breakneck speed has propelled Nilantha De Soyza a.k.a the 'Brandix daredevil' in to the news once again.

The 28 year old De Soyza, a Safety and Compliance Officer at the Brandix Activewear factory in Koggala, recently abseiled down the Kotalagala Mountain in Walapane, Nuwara Eliya in less time than it takes some to descend a flight of stairs.

His feat of abseiling the 976 foot drop in four minutes and 36 seconds was a spectacular demolition of the existing record of 27 minutes, and gave De Soyza an 11th record in Sri Lankan mountaineering.

Congratulating the daredevil, a spokesperson for Brandix said: "Nilantha epitomizes the spirit that has made Brandix what it is today: courage, agility, speed and sound preparation are virtues that are equally important in mountain climbing as they are in business."

Nilantha's last feat of abseiling down the 'mini world's end' at the Knuckles Mountain range in complete darkness took place at 8.08 pm on the 8th of August 08 and gave him his 10th record. On that occasion, he descended an 800 foot precipice in just 45 seconds. This was his second abseiling record in 2008, having climbed down the 628 foot tall Diyaluma Falls at Koslanda in just 42 seconds on Independence Day in February that year, beating his own previous record of 19 minutes set in May 2004 by a huge margin.

Among the other abseiling records held by Nilantha De Soyza are World's End - Nuwara Eliya (1 hour), Pahiyan Gala - Matugama (18 minutes, 23 seconds), Mini World's End - Badulla (15 minutes, 45 seconds), Bambarakanda - Badulla (5 minutes, 20 seconds) and Knuckles during day time (40 seconds).


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