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Innovators to 'pitch' their ideas to Brandix Group's Disrupt Unlimited next week

A speaker from Brandix at the inaugural Disrupt-a-thon

New, innovative ideas to address diverse opportunities and challenges in the apparel, textile and accessories industries are to be presented on Thursday, 20th March at the first ever 'Pitch Day' of Disrupt Unlimited, the Brandix Group's new US$ 1 million Seed Accelerator.

The Pitch Day will bring together the first batch of innovators that accepted the challenges submitted to them at the inaugural Disrupt-a-thon of the new venture and their mentors, senior management of Brandix and academics on the panel of judges.

The conceptual solutions submitted after four weeks of intense brainstorming, factory visits and technical discussions will be evaluated by the panel and solutions believed to be potentially game-changing will earn their proponents a VIP pass to enter the incubator programme and receive funding and additional mentoring to commercialise their idea.

The objective of Disrupt Unlimited is to run a seed accelerator that will inspire, mentor and fund start-ups with breakthrough solutions to disrupt products, practices, processes and business models in the Apparel, Textile and Accessories sectors. The company's role is to encourage innovators from across industries to develop technology-driven solutions that address challenges at every stage of the supply chains, leading to revolutionary changes in the way apparels, textiles and accessories are made, packaged, distributed and consumed.

Disrupt Unlimited will provide such start-ups with access to seed funding, advisors, practical workshops, networking opportunities, collaborative workspace and legal and administrative services, along with the opportunity to pitch game-changing ideas to venture capitalists and angel investors at an exclusive Demo Day.

The challenges posed to participating innovators at the first Disrupt-a-thon ranged from increasing machine operator productivity to the development of wash-free clothing and elimination of coloured thread in apparel manufacture. The challenges have also been posted on the Blog on the Disrupt Unlimited website opening them to innovators around the world.



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