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Brandix Green Factory honoured with Energy Globe Award

March 2009

Sri Lanka's showpiece in eco-friendly manufacture also nominated for world's top environmental award in 'Air' category

Global recognition has once again been bestowed on Sri Lanka's Brandix Group in the form of an Energy Globe Award, the world's most prominent and prestigious environmental prize, for its world-leading Green Factory at Seeduwa.

The impressive environment-friendly indicators achieved by the Brandix Eco Centre have resulted in the Group being adjudged the National Winner for Sri Lanka, and being named one of three nominees for the Energy Globe World Award in the 'Air' category at next month's award presentation in Prague, Czech Republic, before a global television audience of three billion people.

A total of 769 projects and initiatives in 111 countries were evaluated in the categories of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Youth for this year's awards, which take place as the opening event of the European Environmental Ministers Meeting in Prague on 14th April. Nobel Prize winner Rajendra K. Pachauri and Martin Bursik, President of the EU Environmental Council will be among the award presenters.

"This recognition before a truly global audience is as important for Sri Lanka as it is for Brandix, It shows the world that tough economic conditions and the domestic conflict notwithstanding, there are manufacturers in Sri Lanka who remain committed to ideals and standards." Ashroff Omar, CEO of the Brandix Group.

The Brandix Green Factory, which is the highest-rated Platinum-certified Green apparel manufacturing plant in the world under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system, has reduced Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere by 80 per cent, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emissions by 71 per cent and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) by 92 per cent; achieved an energy saving of 46 per cent, reduced potable water use by 70 per cent and documented that almost all of the site-generated solid waste is recycled.

"These are indicators that match those of the best eco-friendly manufacturing operations anywhere in the world, they represent a significant reduction in the factory's impact on global temperature. He disclosed that Brandix intends to replicate key learnings and achievements from this concept across the entire Group.said Brandix Director AJ Johnpillai.

The World Energy Globe Awards for Sustainability were launched by Austrian energy pioneer and Energy Globe Foundation President Wolfgang Neumann in 1999. The 'Air' category, in which Brandix has been honoured, recognises measures that contribute to improving air quality, including avoidance of CO2 emissions, optimization of combustion processes, reduction of green house gases and improvements in indoor air quality. Last year's Energy Globe Award winners were from Peru (Earth), Spain (Fire), Mozambique (Water), Austria (Air) and South Africa (Youth).

The Brandix Green Factory at Seeduwa was the first apparel manufacturing facility in the world to be rated Platinum under the LEED Green Building Rating System of the US Green Building Council (USGBC). The factory, which is the Group's lead manufacturing plant for Marks & Spencer, achieved a score of 76 (12 points higher than the 64 required for Platinum status) on the 85-point LEED certification system, setting a global benchmark for low energy consumption, water conservation, solid waste management and low carbon emissions.

Being the pioneer of the concept of 'total solutions' in Sri Lanka's apparel sector, Brandix specializes in casual bottoms, intimate apparel and underwear, textiles, knitted fabrics, sewing and embroidery thread, accessories and hangers, and also offers wet processing and finishing and fabric printing. Brandix is a preferred solutions provider to some of the world's leading apparel brands, including Victoria's Secret, Gap, Marks & Spencer, NEXT, Lands End, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Express and Tezenis.


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