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Brandix and Save the Children build community well for Myilanthanai

Anusha Alles (extreme right), Brandix's Head of CSR at the community well gifted to the people of Myilanthanai

Life sustaining water was brought literally to the doorsteps of 67 families in remote Myilanthanai village in Batticaloa recently, when Brandix and Save the Children Sri Lanka commissioned a community well in the heart of the settlement.

The womenfolk of the community no longer need to make a four kilometer trek in search of water for their domestic needs, as the 25 meter deep well adjacent to the pre-school has a plentiful supply of clean water.

The sinking of the well and related construction was undertaken by Save the Children Sri Lanka with funding provided by Brandix, under the Group's flagship community agenda 'Deyata Diya: Landhunata Diriya' through which it helps needy people and communities access clean water, and promotes water conservation at all its business units.

The community well which has diameter of 10 meters, large enough to support multiple access, was sited at the most convenient location, enabling mothers to collect their water after leaving their children at the pre-school, Anusha Alles, Head of CSR at Brandix said.

At a later stage, Save the Children Sri Lanka would work with the community to install hand pumps that would make it easier and safer for children and older people to collect their water, she said.

"The information that reached us from the community and Save the Children was that the lack of water nearby was one of the most critical problems faced by this settlement, which is about a 30 minute drive from our new factory at Punani," Ms Alles said. "The time spent walking to a makeshift well to collect water was seriously disrupting the work of the women folk and the studies of their children, particularly the girls. Brandix was therefore happy to fund the construction of the community well, and we appreciate the commitment and passion of Save the Children, which built it."

The predominantly Tamil-speaking settlement is home to people who had suffered displacement several times during the conflict and had been resettled after the end of hostilities.

Further supporting this needy village, Brandix has trained and employed 15 youth from the area at its Punani factory, which was the first apparel manufacturing unit to be set up in the east after the entire province came under government control.

The Brandix Group's CSR efforts are driven by the central corporate theme 'Care for Water: Care for Women' and constitute a long term commitment to increasing the availability of water and the provision of safe drinking water to those most in need. Given the fact that the majority of the Group's employees are women, these efforts significantly contribute to easing the burden on them. The Group's community outreach initiatives also include building water supply infrastructure for communities in and around its manufacturing plants and the improvement of sanitation facilities in needy areas.

In March this year, Brandix's 25,000 associates pledged to support these initiatives by achieving a collective saving of 100,000 liters of water a day by doing everything in their power to reduce water wastage at the Group's manufacturing plants across the country.



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