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5 Brandix teams reach 2014 Mercantile Volleyball finals

The BASL - Intimate Apparel, Minuwangoda team

The Brandix Group has reaffirmed its dominance of mercantile volleyball, sending five teams to the 2014 finals of the Men’s and Women’s Tournament conducted annually by the Mercantile Volleyball Association.

This is the second year in succession that five of the eight teams competing in the four matches of the finals are from companies in the Brandix Group.

The five Brandix teams playing for the Championship in their respective categories are Brandix Apparel Solutions Limited (BASL) - Intimate Apparel, Welisara which meets a team from the Group associate Textured Jersey, Avissawella in the Super League Men’s Final; BASL - Intimate Apparel, Minuwangoda in the Super League Women's Final, BASL - Essentials, Ratmalana in the Men's Championship and BASL - Intimate Apparel, Mirigama in the Women's championship.

The finals of the 2014 Mercantile Volleyball Tournament are to be worked out at the National Youth Services Council (NYSC) indoor complex in Maharagama in October.

Three other Brandix teams, BASL - Intimate Apparel, Minuwangoda, BASL - Intimate Apparel, Welisara and BASL - Intimate Apparel, Polonnaruwa, took third place in the Men’s Super League, the Women’s Super League and the Men's Championship respectively.

Fourteen of the 92 teams that competed in the preliminary rounds of the tournament were fielded by the Brandix Group.

Brandix, Sri Lanka's single largest apparel exporter, conducts its own annual volleyball tournament for the 'Rasadiya Kusalanaya' (Mercury Trophy), which is considered the largest volleyball tournament organised by a private company in the country.



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