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Phoenix Ventures on board as Gold Sponsor for 35th National Conference of Chartered Accountants

Phoenix Ventures Limited has come on board as a Gold Sponsor to boost the 35th National Conference of Chartered Accountants organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka).

The conference which will be held from 23rd to 25th October 2014 is one of the largest corporate events in the country which sees a massive participation of over 1200 chartered accountants and business leaders annually. This year's conference will revolve around the thought provoking theme "Rethink to Revive".

Mr. Aslam Omar, Director of Phoenix Ventures Limited said, "As an organisation, we have always sought growth through anticipating trends and finding innovative ways in which to respond to them across all our businesses. From the raw materials we procure, the processes we employ and the products we manufacture, package and deliver across the world, constant rethinking has become second nature, and we believe that this commitment to re-engineer when necessary and adapt quickly to change is one of the factors in the success of our many business ventures."

In this context, Mr. Omar noted that the theme of this year's National Conference of Chartered Accountants - Rethink to Revive - is particularly interesting. "We look forward with great interest to the presentations and deliberations that CA Sri Lanka will host," he added.

Welcoming Phoenix Ventures Limited on board, Mr. Arjuna Herath, President of CA Sri Lanka said that the national conference continued to attract reputed organisations as sponsors which was testament to the impressive standing the annual event commands at a national level.

"Today we live in a constantly evolving era and to survive we need to change with time, be it at a professional or business level. With this objective in mind, the national conference will deliberate on the new emerging economic trends in the global space and the evolving developments in technology, and how the entrepreneurial creativity and pertinent leadership will be vital to respond to challenges and opportunities of the economy," Mr. Herath added.



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