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Textured Jersey steps towards second chapter of Earth Hour 2014

The Earth Hour Textured Jersey team posing for the official photograph for the EH - SL campaign in Galle

Textured Jersey Lanka PLC (TJL), together with hundreds of millions of others across the globe, joined hands on March 29th 2014 to switch off non-essential lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. TJL was proud to be one of the national partners of Earth Hour Sri Lanka (EHSL), to which the entire nation as well as the whole world actively engages in. This year, TJL requested its employees to make a pledge to switch off their lights during Earth Hour, and to take it a step further by going ‘beyond the hour’. This pledge was not only confined to the factory premises, but was also extended to the employees’ neighbours, vicinities etc. Textured Jersey has now embedded Earth Hour Textured Jersey (EHTJ) to the company’s annual sustainability calendar.

The proceedings started off with the internal circulation of informative emails about Earth Hour 2014 and notices were published to create awareness among the employees. Furthermore, a poster campaign was held at its factory premises. The decision to go beyond the factory level and carry out its obligation to the general public was marked by a thorough awareness campaign targeting the public. This time the company selected Galle Town as the main location for its campaign. The Textured Jersey team was in Galle for the campaign which extended for a few hours, which was well received with very positive and encouraging support from the public. This was the second chapter of the EHTJ programme which was inaugurated in Ratnapura last year.


Textured Jersey has commemorated Earth Hour from the year 2012 where the company switched off all non-essential lights for an hour. The company has been successful in obtaining tremendous support from its employees for the initiative, and hence is encouraged further to do more for the cause it represents. The company is planning to form several teams and sending them to areas which are not so familiar with Earth Hour. The main objective of this is to spread the message across various communities and individuals and to increase their levels of awareness.

Textured Jersey has actively participated in many energy saving, waste reduction initiatives within the factory premises which have minimized the direct impact to the environment. The company produced the first Green House Gas Report in Sri Lanka and in the Sub-region in accordance with ISO 14064-1, which is a huge stepping stone in minimizing the carbon footprint from the baseline data. The company also produced the Best Green Report in the country at the inaugural National Green Reporting System Awards in 2011. These are some of the recognitions received for the work the company has done in its continuous journey in creating a better world for the future generations.



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