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Our solutions are a distinct reflection of who we are. And we are INSPIRED. Inspired to combine our strengths of delivering phenomenal products at optimal pricing, flawlessly and faster than anyone else with intimate service. Our vision to be THE inspired solution for branded clothing is a journey that we work towards with passion, integrity and determination, day after day.

With over 40 years of experience in Apparel manufacturing in Sri Lanka, providing solutions to renowned brands across the world, we have over time developed an acute product development intuition and forecasting capability. Combining this with our expertise in product innovation, research and development, unparalleled speed in delivery and an unwavering commitment to delivering a phenomenal product has helped ingrain Brandix as a leader in the Apparel arena over the years.

Our vertically integrated supply chain, expanding global network of manufacturing and operating locations, an inspired employee base and technologically viable infrastructure have helped us deliver millions of garments to our customers. However, while growth has been an overarching priority for the Group, doing so sustainably is of equal importance to us. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to maintain an equitable balance between the resources we use and the resources we put back. As such, we strive to lead by example in realizing our vision to be the most sustainable Apparel manufacturer in South Asia and, as a result, have consistently been at the forefront of national and global efforts to adopt best practices for sustainable development.

Casual Wear
Intimate Wear
Sleep and Lounge Wear
Active Wear

Our Casualwear cluster supplies woven bottoms, pajama pants, jean jackets and colored jeans for in-demand global fashion brands Calvin Klein, GAP and Heritage. We are particularly adept at keeping stride with customer expectations and constantly strive to break boundaries to deliver our inspired solutions.

Being the very first offspring of the Brandix Group, our Casualwear business heritage spans over 40 years. Today, this focused operation has manifested into expertise at the design, product development, washing and finishing stages, and is a strong contender in offering sustainable finishes in line with our commitment to integrate sustainability into our operations.

Brandix facilities are all certified with local and international accreditations.


The lingerie and men’s underwear segment is an integral component of our business. With globally renowned clientele such as Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Uniqlo, LIDL, Lane Bryant, M&S, Jockey and Tommy John reinforcing our portfolio credentials, our vision to provide inspired solutions remains undeterred, backed by our strong innovation capabilities, agile capacity and our commitment to always be ‘faster than anyone else’.

We ventured into the Intimate Wear cluster in 2002, backed by our capabilities in innovation and design. From fibre to store, from raw material to fine finishing – our vertical capabilities give our clients the freedom to push boundaries, keeping in mind that ‘inspired solutions’ is a guarantee that we give as an innovative leader in the apparel manufacturing industry.

Our business involves us adapting to varying customer requirements that revolve around seasonality and evolving fashion trends that can only be delivered through carefully crafted, powerful speed models to meet the desired timelines. Through relationships that spanned years, we were able to identify the pain points of our customers and create a synergy between our supply chain network and our production strengths to become the pioneers in a speed model solution that surpasses the delivery capabilities of any supplier in the global apparel arena.

Additionally, through our Integrated Sourcing Model (ISM), we have carved out our own niche as a consummate solutions provider. This helps us gain a competitive edge, where we provide the total supply chain solution while additionally taking on the pivotal role of selling the products for the customer, inclusive of inventory management and sales buy projection. Further, with continued investments into our manufacturing infrastructure and leveraging synergies across our global network to combine design and technology, we remain poised to continue delivering world-class inspired solutions.


Our Sleep and Lounge Wear range focuses on nightwear - flannels, pajamas, light robes and boxers, as well as loungewear such as yoga pants, hoodies, leggings, and t-shirts for Victoria’s Secret, PINK and Calvin Klein.

These garments, both knit and woven silhouette, benefit from our emphasis on innovation at every stage, as well as in our speed-to-market solutions. We thereby focus on optimizing our strengths in design and innovation to provide tailor-made solutions as well as develop speed models to meet quick turn-around timelines. With the offering of ‘intimate service’ embedded into our DNA, our operating locations and design and innovation hubs are strategically based in close proximity to customer centres.

With a keen focus on delivering solutions that exude a strong collaboration between design aesthetic and technology at optimal pricing to our customers, while combining essential elements like comfort, sleek and light feel, and intricate detailing into this range remains a priority to us at every step of the manufacturing process.


Balancing sporty authenticity while achieving trendiness is a constant challenge faced by fashion retailers every year. That is why Brandix active wear is the first port of call for brands such as Decathlon, Tommy Hilfiger, Jockey, Express and Amazon.

We work closely with these world-class brands to create leggings, sports bras and active wear including t-shirts and skorts where innovation and design play a pivotal role in the fabric-to-store lifecycle of this product range. The Brandix Active Wear category is managed through InQube, a venture of Brandix that has the innovation, technology and design expertise to position our Active Wear range as a trendsetter in the global industry.

InQube will play a prominent role in our journey of becoming an innovation and technology hub that offers perceptively designed active wear, be it for the everyday sportsman and woman or the trained athlete who competes in the global arena. Integrating our expertise into the InQube design and development process, backed by an unwavering commitment to deliver speed solutions, will enable Brandix to maintain its position at the forefront of the Active Wear range.

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