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Brandix India Apparel City

Brandix’s strategic focus on value-added vertical solutions, emphasizing our ‘fabric to store’ approach, is embodied in our world-class Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC). This 1000-acre property, located in the port city of Visakhapatnam (in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India), is a self-sustaining, supply chain city with a simple mission: bring together world-class apparel suppliers and retailers under one roof in order to collaborate, create and craft the most competitively priced apparel, from the most convenient, industry-optimized location in the world.

This project was conceptualized and built by Brandix to leverage India’s fast-growing economy with particular focus on the nation’s economies of scale. The economic justification for conceiving BIAC doesn’t end there: procedural ease, financial and operational incentives, and BIAC’s duty-free status distils down into tangible cost-savings for the most demanding clients.

Combined with our domain expertise, BIAC is built to meet the needs of the global market place: speed to market, cost-effective, flexibility, and compliance-assurance. Crucially, BIAC has been designed from the ground up to minimize lead times.

From a client standpoint, BIAC offers a one-stop, industry-specific hub, creating a ‘plug-n-play’ production environment that is second to none. All apparel-manufacturing related requirements – sourcing, transportation, speedier documentation processing, and authorization from a single point – are provided.

Further, BIAC is also a mini-city. It enjoys cutting-edge facilities such as banks, recreation, training centres, and social infrastructure with close proximity to airports and shipping ports.


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