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A sustainable positive legacy for the continuity of the planet

Our Green Agenda

The factory (Brandix Eco Centre) was eco-friendly, the working conditions were excellent and the staff were very well paid. Such a factory is a role model for others to emulate.Lord Sheikh, House of Lords (UK), 3rd March 2011

Clean technology, waste management and environmental preservation have been inextricably woven into the very fabric of our business. The adoption of best practices and global standards has not only benefited us qualitatively, but has also brought a considerable quantitative benefit into both our top and bottom line performances through effective cost and waste management, infusion of technology and higher productivity. We appreciate that by constantly meeting and exceeding global standards, the value addition and benefits extended to our customers have been overarching and have strengthened relationships and image building.


Waste Management, Clean Technology, Energy Use and Green BeltsWaste Management, Clean Technology, Energy Use and Green Belts

Every one of our associates has grasped a sense of ownership of our comprehensive policy on waste management. Inclusive systems continuously monitor and improve compliance with the Group's numerous certifications and standards. Good waste management has heightened the environmental consciousness of all associates operations.

This naturally extends to working with like-minded business partners to ensure continuity of our constantly monitored and improved clean technology agenda. All our SBUs follow a strict policy of wastewater treatment that returns clean water to the environment.


Energy Efficiency InitiativeEnergy Efficiency Initiative

A staggering annual energy bill prompted the Brandix Energy Management Group to implement the corporate-wide Energy Saving Plan in 2005, which has reduced overall energy consumption by an average of 15%. Unprecedented energy costs threatened global competitiveness and our dual thrust of reducing production cost and improving productivity and quality.

The energy initiative was worked through the Central Energy Management and cascaded to six clusters. Measures implemented across the Group consisted of using more efficient lighting and air conditioning, better management of air compressors and pneumatic systems and monthly flue gas analysis.


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Global Leader in Energy and Environmental DesignA Global Leader

Brandix is no stranger to sustainable development and the due recognition it brings. Nevertheless,in August 2008, Brandix Casualwear's Green Factory at Seeduwa was awarded the Platinum Certificate in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system of the US Green Building Council.

The Brandix Eco Centre, a converted 30-year old factory, is a lead manufacturing plant for Marks & Spencer and was formally inaugurated in April 2008 by its CEO, Sir Stuart Rose. The plant's score of 76 of 85 points is the highest in the world by an apparel factory, setting global benchmarks which far exceed required global standards, and clearly demonstrates the Brandix commitment to clean technology.


Driving a Success StoryDriving a Success Story

Our flagship 'Green' SBU, Brandix Finishing, has invested considerably in waste management and good environmental practices. It is the first company in Sri Lanka to achieve 'Deep Green Light' status, the highest rating from the Gap 2005 Global Water Program for meeting global water quality guidelines, for vendor laundries. It also won the 2005 Community Leader Silver Award in 2005 for Waste Minimisation Practices, President's Environment Award in 2005 for Industrial Environmental Excellence and certified for ISO 14001:2004.

Some of the Brandix Finishing initiatives included wastewater treatment, stringent practice of CPT, installation of a Reverse Osmosis Plant, minimising water waste during production, installation of a cyclone collector, dust bag filter systems and fume extraction systems, eliminating dye reprocessing, solid waste disposal through re-use or recycling and implementing the Green Productivity Strategy


Waste DisposalHazardous Waste Disposal

Brandix which is WRAP, ETI, SA8000, Sedex, EMS, 5S and FIFO certified in addition to possessing an Environmental Protection License from the Central Environmental Authority, encourages the 3R strategy (Reuse, Recycle, Rework), while attempting to reduce the waste generated by its processes. Brandix continuously monitors noise levels, ambient air quality, temperatures and treated waste water to ensure standards compliance and eliminate discharge of toxic gases


Managing Water UsageManaging Water Usage

The fabric printing process requires high use of water and results in high volumes of water discharge. Several Brandix plants have installed wastewater treatment plants, complying with BOI standards. Chemical pre-treatment of raw waste water controls the performance parameters of (Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and pH levels with samples analysed monthly by the BOI. These plants ensure that all their chemicals and dyes meet global standards and so, compatible with company environmental policy.


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A First in Neutralisation for the Region

A vital link in our value chain, Brandix Textiles consumes about 2,800 million litres daily in addition to its Ratmalana plant using about 1,200 litres daily. It was one of the first facilities to introduce a Green Belt around its locale, and the first in the South Asian region to invest in a fully automated water neutralization plant. This investment reduced the dependence on the earlier annual requirement of 1,000 tons of sulphuric acid, eliminating hazardous on-site handling of the acid


Conceptualising Green Textile Processing Zones and Cities

Our Apparel City in India has obtained an environmental license from the Government of India which demands conformance to extremely stringent standards and practices. The complex will include sophisticated waste management processes. Joint venture and support partners are required to conform to our strict guidelines, constantly evaluated by external monitors


Into the FutureInto the Future

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to maintain an equitable balance between the resources we use and the resources we put back in. Brandix is in the process of rolling out a ten year plan to take us towards our goal of becoming a totally 'Green' company, which will undoubtedly receive a stamp of approval from our customers and vendors for conforming and exceeding environmental and ethical standards.


Our carbon footprint which is being determined, will set the way forward via milestones targeted annually. We are also determined to explore the possibilities of renewable energy including hydro and solar power to reduce our dependency on the national grid, and to pursue better environmental practices.


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"A great facility & an example to all "

Sir Stuart Rose, Chief Executive, Marks & Spencer - UK

Brandix Sustainability Report 2015/17

Brandix Sustainability Report 2015-17

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