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A sustainable positive legacy for the continuity of the planet

Brandix CSR

We believe that the depletion of natural resources consumed by our business operations must be restored to the environment, so that our presence will not be detrimental to future life. With the Group-wide operations being inseparably associated with an extensive stakeholder base, we commit to future corporate growth that will balance economic progress while instilling a culture of sustainable development for the environment and community.

Only 32% of the population in Sri Lanka is served by pipe-borne water and only 1/3 of the piped water supply schemes have the capacity to provide a 24-hour supply.Reach Magazine - 2006 Issue 1

The Brandix CSR Centre

CSR Centre
23-25, Rheinland Place
Colombo 03
Sri Lanka


Brandix Sustainability Report 2015-17

Brandix Sustainability Report 2015-17

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2018 Reach Magazine

2018 Reach Magazine

Welcome to the 2018 issue of the Reach Magazine. As we enter 2018 and look forward to an interesting year, in this issue we also look back at the year that was – 2017.

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Waste Management and Cleaner Technology

Waste Management and Cleaner Technology

Clean technology, waste management and environmental preservation have been inextricably woven into the very fabric of our business

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