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Our Business Partner Agenda

The integral roles that vendors, suppliers, customers and retailers have played in our success have been key ones. The Brandix philosophy of envisioning inspired solutions, conforming to global best practices and persisting in sustainable development have consolidated these long term relationships. Challenges have evolved with the global environment, compelling not only innovation but flexibility and productivity.

The Brandix response, 'To be the Inspired Solution for Branded Clothing', has spurred aggressive growth through vertical integration, product development, Research & Development and large investments on training and development.

Our valued business partners perceive us as a different kind of company - a preferred partner who is committed to inspired solutions, delivering initiatives that further consolidate this thinking

Our corporate image has been assembled by adhering strongly to the 'Garments Without Guilt' concept, ILO espoused labour practices, global standardisation and certification for process improvement, social and environmental issues and ensuring an ethical, transparent and accountable company that thrives on good governance principles. These have been instrumental in enhancing our industry standing and furthering economic progress and expansion opportunities.

Our valued business partners perceive us as a different kind of company - a preferred partner who is committed to inspired solutions, delivering initiatives that further consolidate this thinking.


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Inspiration - Brandix centre of InspirationBrandix Centre of Inspiration - Towards Inspired Solutions

Our flagship Brandix Centre of Inspiration (BCI), a Brandix Casualwear facility, has generated highly impressive feedback from our partners who have visited it over its first operational year. The modern facility is indeed inspirational, with our associates sitting with our Business Partners to conceptualise, design, formulate, construct and sample the finished product in record time.


Brandix Apparel Pays Tribute to its VendorsBrandix Apparel Pays Tribute to its Vendors

Brandix Apparel held its inaugural Vendor Summit in October 2006, playing host to about 150 foreign and local supply chain partners. The event also focused on stepping up collaboration among our supply chain partners. It was an opportunity to highlight the importance of sharing information and resources, transparency and planning ahead for the growth of the entire supply chain.


India FlagThe Brandix India Apparel City - thrust for an integrated supply chain

Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC) is our new frontier in global expansion. India was the natural choice for geographic diversification, providing solid fundamentals that make compelling justification for investment. The opportunities for growth are immense for supply chain partners. Already BIAC has attracted global business partners who have seen the investment potential of this unique venture.


Building and Sustaining Local Supplier Bases Building and Sustaining Local Supplier Bases

We have strived to create and strengthen partnerships with local suppliers who conform to our criteria of high standards and on-time delivery, and the flexibility and efficiency we consider imperative. To sustain the relationships, quality and productivity, our best practices are cascaded to these suppliers via various means.

Their products and services are continuously monitored and analysed to establish a firm basis for further improvement. Small scale entrepreneurs and industrialists are sustained with business either for direct or peripheral services and local families are earn seasonal incomes during certain operations.


Strengthening InitiativesStrengthening Initiatives

Our relationships benefit from open communication channels and have created a friendly working environment, where ideas are discussed and implemented. This has served to both qualitatively and quantitatively improve efficiency, productivity and lead times. For example, direct delivery of accessories to point of packing at Brandix Casualwear, has increased time efficiency. Other suppliers work with us on consignment stock basis, based on projected consumptions. Monthly joint review meetings ensures quality is maintained and complaints are addressed.


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"You have all the speed, system and mindset with the ever-changing fashion world. I look forward to be 'wowed' every season with your innovation and tremendous partnership"

Kah Tan (Senior Director - Gap Inc)