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A sustainable positive legacy for the continuity of the planet

Our People Agenda

Human CapitalThe new frontiers explored and initiatives we have pioneered have paved the way to growth, expansion and success. Over the years, these challenges have been overcome due to the drive and dynamism of an amazing team of talented individuals. They are our apparel technocrats.

Displaying an extraordinary 'out of the box' approach, they have driven the Group towards a global focus unfettered by challenges in local as well as global markets.

Their outstanding drive embraces challenges to find solutions, turning threats into opportunities. Today, their passion and inspiration finds solutions for global brands through innovation, high-end technology and customer service excellence.

Our Social Agenda includes a resolute stance on gender equality, non-discriminatory practices, child labour and employment of the differently-able. Some of our certifications, e.g. the WRAP certification, are stringent on social disclosures and practices, insisting on absolute conformance to those principles.

The last two years have been two of the most challenging in a post-quota regime. Our associates have risen to this challenge to retain a premier position within the industry. The Group's significant growth is reflected in the increase of associate numbers to over 35,000. This includes 200 new recruits absorbed through the newly established Brandix Training Centre in India for Brandix Apparel India, with more trainees to be absorbed within the current year. Our 'Great Place to Work' initiative has been perfected to reflect our newer strategies and plans. Continually audited, the last survey conducted showcased encouraging results.


Ensuring the right fitEnsuring the Right Fit

'The right person for the right job' is the fundamental tenet in recruitment and selection. As a 'preferred employer' in Sri Lanka, we have an excellent, constantly updated talent pool which integrates new recruits seamlessly into systems and processes. Our internal recruitment programme, SHINE@Brandix, assigns existing associates priority status in opportunities for career progression and development.

It is our primary method of selection and recruitment, strengthened by the values and vision already absorbed by our associates. In addition, a referral scheme maintains continuity of exceptional talent. It optimizes the synergies of new recruits suited to our culture, by referees already aware of our strategies and methods.


Rewards, Recognition and EnjoymentRewards, Recognition and Enjoyment

Brandix surpasses the most superior of the local industry compliance levels in human resources management and development. Regular remuneration and benefits are augmented with attendance incentives, cash awards for service and a significant annual bonus. They extend to many other benefits and welfare schemes that cover meals, transport, health and medical schemes and more.

The company organises sports events, special religious and cultural festivities and encourages drama and arts and publishes its own newsletter. A multi-skilled incentive via performance assessment is another HR initiative. Teams are rewarded for innovation and following superior standards and recognition schemes promote mutual appreciation among our associates. The annual Brandix Nite recognises outstanding team and individual performance among executives.


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Going Beyond TrainingGoing Beyond Training

Our progress depends on qualified, technologically savvy professionals. To this end, unique HR strategies include broad based Training and Development (T&D) purviews encouraging innovative thinking. Anticipation of our expansion and off-shore projects as well as the higher concentration of skills and talent development led to doubling the budget to cover 173 internal and external programmes, which were based on developmental and business requirements.


Filling a NicheFilling a Niche

The first batch of graduates of the Bachelor of Applied Science (Textile Technology) graduated from the Brandix College of Clothing Technology (Brandix College) this year, conferred by one of Australia's leading educational institutions, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT University). It was a proud moment for all. BCCT is designed to meet global needs via a campus environment and the collaborative degree is offered on a dual-entry flexible process.

It is ideal for newcomers as well as experienced practitioners and part-qualified professionals in the clothing industry who prefer a fast track qualification process. A Master of Science programme is also available to further academic and professional development.


Exposure Beyond Borders

A commitment to non-discriminatory practices and equality in the workplace has driven a concerted effort to integrate the differently-able into our Team, using their abilities to strengthen our capabilities. A special disability programme promotes equal opportunity and treatment of persons who are challenged. Vocational rehabilitation, training and employment enhance their quality of life and dignity at the work place. Thirty four differently-able individuals are employed at Brandix.

Our Casualwear plant in Seeduwa has 12 such associates from the School for the Differently-able adjacent to it. Smoother integration into the organisation is facilitated by a team leader, aided by an in-house counsellor and team members who are on call for immediate assistance. Integration is further strengthened with one of those challenged being a part of the Welfare Team to ensure an equal voice.


The Marks & Start InitiativeThe Marks & Start Initiative

In partnership with Marks & Spencer (M&S), Brandix initiated the M&S award winning flagship community programme and UK's largest company-led work experience schemes to enable those who are differently-able in our community to gain work experience and productive employment.



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"We are aware that there is a high incidence of chronic renal failure and other water-borne diseases attributed to the high levels of fluoride in the water in parts of the North Central Province and the North Western Province. Brandix has done some excellent work to help communities tackle this problem, and Deutsche Bank is pleased to support this project and work with Brandix to improve the quality of life of people in affected areas"

Rohan Rodrigo - CEO, Deutsche Bank, Sri Lanka