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Management Trainee Programme

The Brandix Group Management Trainee (GMT) Programme is geared towards identifying and empowering high-calibre undergraduates to discover their potential while pursuing an exciting career at a leading Apparel Manufacturer in Sri Lanka. This programme paves way for aspiring young professionals to gain in-depth knowledge and exposure to the Brandix eco-system through a learning cycle across all functions of the organisation, arming them with the skills that are essential to become the next generation of inspired leaders at Brandix.

This is an 18-month programme geared for ambitious young graduates who are eager to apply their aptitudes and accelerate their growth to be in the front lines of the global apparel market.




It is a privilege to be selected to the Brandix GMT programme because it has been a life-changing few months! The programme is well structured for us to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in Textile Technology – this is essential as most of us are new to the industry. After the initial training at the Brandix College of Clothing Technology, I was assigned to an SBU for a new project. Getting involved in this project not only gives me good exposure into Project Management but exposes me to new aspects of Textile Technology. I hope to contribute my best to Brandix while improving myself along the way to achieve success.

Dilan Kuruppuarachchi

Working at Brandix has given me the opportunity to work with a group of people who are from different backgrounds and have different characteristics. This, I believe, enables me to learn how to interact with people with diverse backgrounds - within the corporate environment as well as outside.

I enjoy my job tasks. Each new day presents me with a fresh opportunity and different circumstances which, in turn, means more insight into the business. I have good mentors and the other members of my team are very supportive when it comes to helping me with my work, despite having hectic work schedules themselves.

Gimhani Punnyasoma

As Management Trainees, we learn so much about the industry. We get to experience the company, meet new people, and most of all, become part of a great family. Brandix taught me to be innovative, think more productively, and embrace the sincerity and appreciation of other Associates. The MT programme is a great step-up to a successful career!

Hari Srihar

The Brandix GMT programme is a well-organised programme that refines our entry into the professional world, teaching us different roles and exposing us to important skills that, ultimately, empower us to become better leaders. The exposure we get from this programme is extensive and highly valuable. I am really happy to be a part of this wonderful group.

Jithmi Alwis

The Brandix GMT programme is a well-structured programme that serves as a challenging platform through which one can learn and apply their skills rapidly. The programme focuses on improving our individual skills as a leader and a Manager. The emphasis is not only on the technical or theoretical skills, but also on soft skills, such as communication and empathy, which enables better team work and more progressive relationships with the people we interact with every day.

Becoming a Brandix Group Management Trainee could be regarded as one of the best things that ever happened to me!

Sanethri Beminiwatte

I get a huge amount of support as well as guidance from my supervisors in the functional team that I have had the opportunity of being placed in. We are empowered and supported in our roles by the mentors the company has linked us with. I have been able to gain immense knowledge and insight into the business as a result of dealing with multiple fabric suppliers and other SBUs, as well as through interactions with the company’s top management.

Sahan Weerachandra
Currently working on a Group project under Catego

As a Marketing MT, I’m mainly involved with the development merchandising process which is the core function of the Marketing department that manages the front-end process of serving the global apparel customers directly. This provides me the platform to gain exposure to the Supply Chain function as well.

The exposure I’m getting from the Brandix MT programme is incredible and is challenging at the same time. I get the chance to work with core functions of the business which gives me great exposure to begin thinking as a manager would. It is a truly unique experience for me to be a Management Trainee at Brandix.

Charini Jayasekera
Marketing & Supply Chain Management Trainee
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