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At Brandix, Sustainability is far from being an unfamiliar concept, becoming more a way of life as we continue our commitment to actively pursue and invest in innovative technologies and processes that help minimize the overall environmental impact of our operations.

Over the years, our journey in sustainability has set the stage for other manufacturing organisations as we continue to introduce and reinforce sustainable practices that have helped reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing operations. In 2008, the Brandix Green factory at Seeduwa became the first apparel manufacturing facility in the world to be rated Platinum under the LEED Green Building Rating System of the US Green Building Council (USGBC). This was a significant milestone not just for our organisation or the industry, but for the nation as a whole. We have since then obtained LEED certifications for our other facilities, and most recently, secured the highest Platinum rating for the Brandix factory in Batticaloa. This is also the second highest rating for an apparel manufacturing plant the world over.

In 2011, the Brandix Eco Centre became the first Apparel manufacturing facility in the world to obtain the prestigious ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification. These achievements have inspired us to continue to raise the bar in our sustainability goals, helping us improve the scalability of our business by setting world-class parameters and targets for sustainable business growth.

Further, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality across our operations by 2020, we embarked on a broad 10-year strategy that is anchored to actionable Group-wide targets and recognizes the unique biodiversity of every nation we operate in – with a commitment to manage environmental performance without any disruption.

As part of this continuous journey, we rolled out the Brandix Eco Index. This world-class tool utilizes technology to evaluate our environmental performance across factories and SBUs, while making improvements to processes on an on-going basis.

In addition, Brandix continues its two-fold investing in R&D.

On one hand, our Sustainability team continues to develop environmentally sound products while parallelly identifying new manufacturing technologies that address environmental impact. On the other, a sustained training programme is carried out among group-wide employees with the objective of raising planet-consciousness and awareness of environmental impact as part of our role of being a responsible corporate.

Energy - Water - Waste

The Brandix Energy and Environment Division is empowered to set standard procedures and best practices to sharpen Brandix’s focus towards its sustainability goals. The division’s work has been enshrined in the following documents:

Sustainability Report 2017/18

For more details on our approach to Corporate Governance and a detailed overview of efforts towards Sustainability.

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